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Storm Front
Causeway Sunset


  •  Mar-2016:   Glennie Nature Salon Worldwide Competition - Merit Award

                                  Oceanscape Category / The Calm After the Storm.

  • Sept-2015:  Battle at the Point published on the cover of the
                          2015 HAMPTONS Monthly Magazine Labor Day Edition.​

  • June-2015:  PFLI 2015 Leonard Victor Award Winner - 3rd Place, Digital,                                Creative Category / Moon over Montauk.
  • May-2015:  Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / Topsail Sunrise.
  • Mar-2015:  Glennie Nature Salon Worldwide Competition -

                                1st Place Oceanscape Category /

                                Something Wicked That Way Goes.

  • Feb-2015:  Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / Battle at the Point.
  • Nov-2014:  Adirondack Balloon Festival - 3rd Prize Contest Winner

                                Flying By the Seat of His Pants.

  • Sept-2014: Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / The Best Seat in the House​.
  • Jun-2014:  Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / The Glowing Pagoda.
  • May-2014: Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / The Emperor of Manhattan.
  • Apr-2014:  Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / Short Beach & Sound Silhouette.
  • ​Mar-2014: Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / Night Crossing.
  • Feb-2014: Yahoo! Weather Mobile App / The End of a Cold December Day,
    On Frozen Pond & Atlantic Sunset.
  • Dec-2013: / Currents.
  • Sep-2013: Yahoo! Weather Mobile App  / East River Crossing
  • Jun-2013:   Yahoo!  Weather Mobile App  /  Hip Deep in Reflective Waters.
  • Dec-2012:  Sullivan County e-News  /  Wurtsboro's Skyhawk.

Photography has been a big part of my life for over a decade now, and I continue to study the latest digital photography methods at the New York Institute of Photography. 

With my experience behind the lens, I have the skill and trained eye to make my projects come to life.

Please feel free to contact me at: for any inquiries you may have.

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My Story

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